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Personalised, impartial health information is just a chat away

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Personalised, impartial health information is just a chat away

How it works

Medius helps you understand your symptoms and gives you personalised, relevant information simply by having a chat with you.

This is how Medius works:

  1. You're feeling unwell.
  2. You jump onto Messenger and start chatting to Medius.
  3. Medius asks about the symptoms cauing you concern.
  4. You tell Medius your symptoms, for example a headache you've had for a while.
  5. Medius then asks you simple questions, interpreting your symptoms in real time...
  6. Based on your responses it then gives you personalised results with information and actions you can take to start feeling better.

Advanced Technology + Medical Expertise

To connect you to accurate, relevant and personalised information, Medius uses sophisticated machine learning technology, powered by a medical knowledge graph containing over 2 million disease–symptom data points that continually improves with every conversation it has.

That alone is not enough, which is why results are verified and assessed by doctors, who also help to train the system. A virtuous circle for the best results.

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About Medius Health

We're building Medius to create a healthcare experience we want for ourselves and our loved ones, putting the patient at the center.

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