Carpal tunnel syndrome

What is it?

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that causes a tingling sensation, numbness, and sometimes pain in the hand and fingers.
  • These sensations usually develop gradually and start off being worse during the night. They tend to affect the thumb, index finger and middle finger.

    What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include: * tingling or numbness in your fingers or the palm of your hand that feels like pins and needles, mainly in the thumb and next two fingers * nerve pain in your wrist or hand, which can spread up your arm or down to your fingers * weakness in your hands, making it hard to grip things * swollen fingers Symptoms are usually worse in the hand you use the most (your dominant hand), but the condition can affect both hands. Over time, people with carpal tunnel syndrome might find that they slowly lose strength and movement in their hand and wrist. So it’s important to see your doctor if you think you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Home Remedy


  • Yoga is believed to help combat the condition as the poses practiced in yoga help to strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints, improving flexibility and mobility.
  • Studies into the effects of massage therapy have been encouraging, with test subjects who underwent therapy experiencing less pain and improved grip strength.


reduce stress and strain on your hands and wrists as much as you can, you may keep it from getting worse

Things to watch out for

GP should be contacted if the symptoms remain persistent.

Think you might have Carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Think you have Carpal tunnel syndrome?