Fracture of the ankle

What is it?

Ankle fracture, also called as broken ankle, means that one or more of the bones that make up the ankle joint are broken. It can be a simple break in one bone, which may not stop you from walking, to several fractures, which forces your ankle out of place and may require that you not put weight on it for a few months. There may be ligaments damaged as well. The ligaments of the ankle hold the ankle bones and joint in position. Broken ankles affect people of all ages. During the past 30 to 40 years, doctors have noted an increase in the number and severity of broken ankles, due in part to an active, older population of “baby boomers.”

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include: severe pain and tenderness bruising and swelling difficulty moving your foot or putting weight on it the ankle being an odd shape (dislocated) a snap or grinding noise at the time of the injury bleeding (if the bone has damaged the skin) – sometimes the bone may poke through the skin

Home Remedy


  • If you have a bleeding wound, then stop it by applying pressure to the a clean pad or dressing if possible until you reach the emergency department
  • Apply an ice pack (such as a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel) to the ankle if one is easily available
  • Do Weight-bearing exercises, to make bones strong
  • Take calcium and vitamin D supplements for bone strength


  • Avoid moving or putting weight on the affected leg – try to keep it raised and supported (for example, on a cushion)
  • Don’t eat or drink anything in case you need surgery to fix the ankle when you get to hospital
  • Quit smoking

Things to watch out for

You should immediately go to Accident or Emergency department or call 000 because fracture needs to be treated in the hospital with plaster cast, splint ot other supportive materials. It usually takes about 6-12 weeks to heal

Think you might have Fracture of the ankle?

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Think you have Fracture of the ankle?