Male genitalia infection

What is it?

Any infection of the genitalia (penis, scrotum, testicles) in men. Common infections include those caused by sexual transmitted diseases, skin infections, abscesss, infections under the foreskin, and Fourniers gangrene (a life-threatening infection, often following injury or burns).

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms that are highly suggestive of male genitalia infection are:

  • penis redness
  • swelling of scrotum
  • pain in testicles
  • mass in scrotum
  • skin growth
  • penis pain
  • bumps on penis
  • swollen abdomen

Although you may still have male genitalia infection without those symptoms.

Home Remedy

Things to watch out for

GP should be contacted for a blood test to rule out any other STI related complications.

Think you might have Male genitalia infection?

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Think you have Male genitalia infection?