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Quro™ Health Check

AI-powered disease onset prediction tool. Understanding the user's lifestyle, pre-existing medical history, family history, mental health status and other variables to identify the risk of a chronic condition well in advance. It also helps to predict morbidity and mortality risks with limited data points.

It is an initial step of a personalised prevention plan framework that supports acquiring and maintaining healthy behavior and reducing risks. You can not play a key role in health promotion and disease prevention both at an individual and a population level.

How it works?

Why use Quro Health Check?

Quro Health Check
Monitor customer/patient health periodically
‍Inform and provide feedback to participants to motivate behaviour change to reduce health risk. Assess the change in modifiable factors periodically over multiple assessments
Quro Health Check
Measure health risk and Create and refine systematic care plans
‍Refine the terms of the your health policies and hospitalization conditions.
Quro Health Check
Improve users health literacy
‍Increase health literacy and patient engagement. The aim is to direct users to the right level of care, at the right time, in the right setting
Quro Health Check
Clinically validated
‍Over 44,000 hrs of rigourous validations and reviews by our clinical team to ensure the best information from well respected medical journals.
Quro Health Check
Advanced Analytics
‍‍Leverage our extensive knowledge base and generated datasets to create real time dashboards and insights.
Quro Health Check
Highly modular and customizable
‍Each of the components of Quro Health Check have been thoughfully engineered to ensure flexibility with the components you want to use
Quro Health Check
Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure
‍With our highly flexible API's and modular architecture, we can integrate into your decision workflows with minimal fuss
Quro Health Check
Match your brand
‍Add your logo, select fonts, and the color palette to match your site and brand. Its as if we were never there.

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