Medical API As a Service

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Medical API In A Nutshell

Build your own product using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine and application API’s. Integrate the best in class API’s with ease into your website or app.

All of our technology is built on top of the Medius Health’s proprietary medical knowledge graph that surfaces clinical entities such as drugs, diseases, symptoms, treatments, activities, risk factors, lifestyle, socio-economic factors and many more. This will allow you to explore their dynamic relationships and embed multiple use cases in your organisation.

State-of-the-art AI Driven APIs

Build your own AI Triage Tool

Build your interface and call our advanced diagnosis APIs. Once medical entities are sent to the system such as symptoms, risk factors and demographic info to our AI engine to get a comprehensive differential diagnosis along with next steps, recommended specialists and many more.

Build your own Health Check

Call our Risk Prediction APIs using your interface.Your users enter basic information about their demographics, lifestyle, medical history and receive a comprehensive health score and a detailed risk report.

Our extended API's can also be used by insurance providers for onboarding new customers instead of using boring, tedious forms.

Why Use Our Medical API ?

Medical API
Easy integration
‍With our API's, you can get up and running from scratch in a matter of days
Medical API
Privacy and Security
‍All user data is securely stored in accordance with our privacy policy. You can read more about our privacy policy here
Medical API
Process natural language
‍Quro can learn and process your language and provide accurate responses, instantly
Medical API
Advanced Analytics
‍Leverage our extensive knowledge base and generated datasets to create real time dashbaords and insights
Medical API
Understands abbreviations
‍Our backend even understands the abbreviations used commonly by clinicians to make the diagnosis quick and efficient
Medical API
Highly modular and customizable
‍Each of the API's can be used standalong and have been thoughfully engineered to ensure flexibility with the components you want to use
Medical API
AI Engine
‍We have extracted data from thousands of data sources to analyze, store and give you responses based on specializations, demographics, age, gender, lcoation. Basically, our AI engine is curated for you.
Medical API
Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure
‍With our highly flexible API's and modular architecture, we can integrate into your EMR with minimal fuss
Medical API
Clinically validated
‍Over 105,000 hrs of rigourous validations and reviews by our clinical team to ensure the best information from well respected medical journals.

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