Quro™ - AI Powered Triage

Put the prevent in preventative


Quro AI Powered Triage is an artifical intelligence based triage tool to help users understand their symptoms better by providing a highly accurate preliminary diagnosis. Quro has undergone over 45,000 hours of rigourous clinical validations. From the moment the conversation starts, Quro never stops learning about the user's health. It can even recognise conditions that are common to certain regions, ethnicities and ages – and over time, combines this data to paint a highly-personalised picture of the user's health.

You can feel at ease knowing that Quro is tailored just for your users, all the time.

How it works?

Why use Quro Symptom Check?

Quro Symptom Checker
Improves patient flow
‍Imagine the reduction in load on hospital networks if the user could be told whether to visit a doctor, stay at home, consult a doctor through telemedicine, or if they need urgent medical care.
Quro Symptom Checker
Easy to understand and conversational, just like a doctor
‍Quro follows a chat based diagnosis that is easily understood by the users, in their language.
Quro Symptom Checker
Intervene early in case of potential health risks
‍Improve patient satisfaction and provide patients with 24/7 access to care, right from their homes.
Quro Symptom Checker
Improve users health literacy
‍Increase health literacy and patient engagement. The aim is to direct users to the right level of care, at the right time, in the right setting.
Quro Symptom Checker
Clinically validated
‍Over 44,000 hrs of rigourous validations and reviews by our clinical team to ensure the best information from well respected medical journals.
Quro Symptom Checker
Advanced Analytics
‍‍Leverage our extensive knowledge base and generated datasets to create real time dashboards and insights.
Quro Symptom Check
Highly modular and customizable
‍Each of the components of Quro Health Check have been thoughfully engineered to ensure flexibility with the components you want to use
Quro Symptom Check
Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure
‍With our highly flexible API's and modular architecture, we can integrate into your decision workflows with minimal fuss
Quro Health Check
Match your brand
‍Add your logo, select fonts, and the color palette to match your site and brand. Its as if we were never there.
Quro Symptom Checker
Multi lingual conversation
‍‍You can now have a conversation in your own language

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