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We’ve combined the power of medical science with artificial intelligence to help reduce the burden for professionals in primary healthcare.

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An advanced suite of technology solutions that revolutionises the way your healthcare is run.

With Medius Health, you’ll transform your health system into one that’s better for everyone – patients, staff and doctors.

We aim to take the strain off overloaded healthcare systems. Our products are designed to help health professionals save time and improve efficiency.

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We transform your business

Revolutionise the way you work with our proprietary technology.

Take the first steps to transforming your business and be poised to deliver the healthcare services of the future.


01 Virtual Health Assistant

Our tailored health assistants let you capture leads and provide early triage support 24/7 to your patients; freeing up time to help more people and prioritise those who need it most.

This pre-diagnostic service is available to GPs, teleservice and hospitals and can be fully customised to your needs.


Medical API as a Service

02 Build on our proprietary platform

Make critical decisions faster with our medical API. Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence, this algorithm gives you instant access to trusted medical engines along with health data that patients have shared.

In seconds, we can identify probabilistic relationships found in medical literature while machine learning helps to constantly improve the system.

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Relieve pressure where it’s needed most

By providing instant visibility on symptoms and medical history that patients have shared, we help doctors make fast decisions with confidence, and empower those in triage to prioritise patients who need the most immediate care.

This results in a faster and smoother workflow for doctors and other health professionals. Because in today’s medical environment, every second counts.

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The power of technology to heal people… and the entire industry

There’s an innovation revolution happening in health, and Medius Health is positioned to help take your business forward.

We’re combining the power of medical data with some of the most advanced artificial intelligence to change the way health services are delivered worldwide. We’re giving patients more power to take care of their health, helping doctors make decisions faster, and applying technology to improve the world’s health systems.

So don’t get left behind. Take the first steps to transforming your business and be poised to deliver the healthcare services of the future.

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