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Understand your symptoms, get better sooner


Quro examines your symptoms, asking simple questions in natural language, just like a doctor would.


Quro gets to the heart of what's causing your symptoms.


Personalised results help you decide how to start feeling better.

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Always Available

Quro is right there whenever, wherever and for whomever you need it. No appointment necessary.

Trained by doctors

No need to self-diagnose with inaccurate web searches when Quro is trained by doctors, backed by a wealth of medical knowledge and brought to life by data scientists and engineers.

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Your own personal health assistant

Quro is designed to understand you personally. The more you interact with it, the better it knows you and the more helpful it becomes, mimicking a doctor-patient relationship.

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People are at the center of everything we do at Medius. We're bringing the best of medical science and technology together to create personal healthcare as it should be in the digital age.

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