About Us

People are at the center of everything we do at Medius.

We want to remodel the existing healthcare system and bring it into the modern age in a way that reimagines your entire journey to wellness, includes preventitive not just reactive care, and supports doctors in maximising their effectiveness and efficiency, all to the benefit of your good health.

A massive problem that needs solving

Medius exists because of a massive and urgent problem — a global shortage of doctors. This shortage leads to poor health outcomes, delayed diagnosis and extended recovery times for patients, and puts unrelenting pressure on doctors.

Even worse, something as basic as access to accurate healthcare information doesn't exist for many in the world.

Our Vision

At Medius, we want anyone, anywhere in the world to have access to their own personal healthcare assistance.

Our virtual health assistant is a novel, smart & powerful technology that examines your symptoms and gives you medically validated information about your condition and clear next steps so you can feel better, quicker.

Not only that, but the more you interact with it, the better it helps you.

To do this we're mining vast libraries of medical knowledge and, using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, social science and design, unlocking that knowledge to make it accessible to people in a way that puts them at the center and in control of their health.


Medius' team is made up of clinicians, inventors, thinkers, engineers, challengers and business leaders who are working courageously to create a new model beyond the existing healthcare system.

Our roots are in technology, our passion is for people, our knowledge is core medical and our mission is to help bring the best out of each other.

We come from all over the world – Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UK – with inspiring personal stories of self-growth. We believe in unifying our diverse experiences and execute things differently.


Medius' co-founders Sammi, Shameek and Abhi have taken an idea originally discussed out of a shared frustration and turned it into an emerging technology company with an ingenious development team, a distinguished network of investors and advisors, and groundbreaking patentable solutions.

Photo of Abhi Bhatia

Abhi Bhatia


Abhi serves as Medius' CEO and brings to the company the curiosity of a social scientist and the precision of an engineer in addition to leading the company's strategic direction.

Photo of Sammi Bhatia

Sammi Bhatia


Sammi, the COO, drives a variety of initiatives including the creation of Medius' virtual health platform and bringing the hungriest minds to work on meaningful problems.

Photo of Shameek Ghosh

Dr Shameek Ghosh


Shameek (Phd, AI & ML) as our CTO, is responsible for core inventions at the heart of the company, creating a variety of algorithms and extending the platform's capability in natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Core Team

Educationally, our people come primarily from a STEM and medical background. In addition, we have among us multiple Masters of Computer Sciences and PhDs. We have intellectual horsepower and variety.

Photo of Laurant Kang
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Laurant Kang

Photo of Mathu Mounasamy
Lead Developer

Mathu Mounasamy

Photo of Chris Oates
Product & Design Lead

Chris Oates

Photo of Messi Yang
Frontend Engineer

Messi Yang


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Photo of Dean Dorrell

Dean Dorrell


Photo of James Synge

James Synge


Photo of Kalvin Stollznow

Kalvin Stollznow

Strategic Business Consultant

Photo of Amandeep Hansra

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Medical Director

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