One team.
One epic mission.

Fixing the world’s broken healthcare systems is no easy task.

At Medius Health, our mission is to transform the world’s health systems and help improve the lives of all people. We’re doing this by combining medical science with artificial intelligence, forever changing the way health services are delivered worldwide.

We believe in the transformative power of technology and our inspired expert team stands ready to take on the challenge.


We are

Changing the face of health

We’re giving people the power to take care of their health and helping doctors make better, more informed decisions for their patients, faster.

You can see this technology in action with Quro, our health assistant that uses advanced machine learning to give more accurate health assessments – bypassing doctor shortages, waiting rooms and false internet diagnoses in the process.

And that's just the beginning

We’re also helping our health partners prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead: by helping to expand their vision, streamlining processes and revolutionising their systems.

Because we believe it’s time for a new way forward in health.